About The El Dorado Ranch

Our ranch is in Round Mountain, Texas. We are located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country...15 minutes to Marble Falls, 20 minutes to Johnson City, and 30 minutes to Llano. On the El Dorado Ranch we raise registered Texas Longhorns, Spanish Goats, Ameruacana Chickens. We also are entertained by Lizzy and Sugar (donkeys), Cowboy (cat), and our beloved Terry (retired Air Force bomb sniffing lab). The focus of our ranching efforts over the past several years has been improving our Texas Longhorn bloodlines, but also improving our grazing pastures. In 2012 we worked with the National Resource and Conservation Service (NRCS), the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), and a local ranch reclamation service to clear the last 26 acres of Blue Juniper - cedar. With the cedar gone we have usable land we didn't have before and views we didn't know existed. Our live Oak trees are healthier and sunsets more spectacular. We've recently completed our 'forever' home on the ranch, with fantastic views of Shovel Mountain, and sunrises to watch each morning, thanking God we get to live in such a beautiful part of this grand country. Please consider giving us a visit, and we'll gladly show you around,


Randall & Cindy Traywick